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June 28, 2011
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Apr 17, 2011, 9:07:23 PM
My Crow by Cassandra-Leopardess My Crow by Cassandra-Leopardess
Dorian was a very special crow to me. I never had the chance to show him to people here on DA. He was found abandoned and on the ground by two girls who gave him to a friend of mine. He was just only a few weeks old at the time. My friend is very good at looking after birds, and knew I would be interested I caring for one. But a few days ago something very tragic happened. I don’t want to talk too much about this, but basically he got a fright and hit his head badly. We took him to the Vets that day, they thought he was fine and gave him the medication he needed. But during the night he passed :( me and my family stayed up with him all night looking after him till he went. We all were all so very devastated by it. We never thought such a thing would happen. We had him for 4 months. He was still a baby. We put so much time into raising him and loving him. He may have seemed like just a bird. But he was so much more to me. he touched the hearts of a whole family :heart: only people who are close to me knew of him, and how he was such a character :D who would think that a crow, a dark mysterious looking bird would turn out to be such a bundle of joy and happiness in side. He really brightened my world :) every morning I would wake up to hearing him outside my window as my mother would take him out to play. He did this very cute baby cry noise when he wanted attention (Usually he did this in the morning) He even had words he would say like what “wat” or water when he wanted a drink “waaa waaa” or hello “ello” when he ate something tasty he would say “yummm yumm!” and even when I just talked to him he would always reply to me in a way that sounded like he was really talking back to me. He was so very intelligent too. He knew what beddy time meant, and would hide when my mother said that, knowing she was going to put him in his cage. He never forgot where he hid things, always finding them the very next day. When he pooped I would say “plop plop” because I was trying to potty train him. He would just give me this strange serious look when I said that. When he was cranky his head feathers would puff right up! And he would make this grumbley noise if I talked to him when he was in that kind of mood. And of course he was a very loving bird. Never wanting to be left alone as crows are such social creatures, always needing their parents when they are babies. He really loved it when I brushed him with his soft little brush. He would just relax and close his eyes. Even though I spent so much time with him, my mother spent so much more time caring for him as she was really like his mother to him. My mother always had to wear a dressing gown as Dorian would always poop a lot (why I wanted to try and potty train him) :D He was such a wonderful unique little crow. It really broke my heart when he went. I could not stop feeling such sadness, because I miss him so deeply. I and my mother swore what we would never have another crow as this really broke our hearts loosing him. And crows are just so hard to look after. But after seeing a wild crow come by our house, we realised just how much we really missed the company of a crow. We had a hard long think, and agreed that we would take on another crow if we ever had the opportunity again. Because once you have had a crow in your life, you can never go on with out having one.

In loving memory of Dorian :heart:

Thought I should just mention something, even though crows can be such wonderfully delightful birds to have, I highly DO NOT recommend them as pets as they are very high maintenance birds, and are hard to raise as babies. You should Only get one as a baby as they need to bond with you from a very early age. Only if you work from home, and have plenty of spare time to look after a crow. Then don’t have one. You should also have had plenty of experience with birds and wild animals as they are nothing like a domestic bird/parrot, but are very wild birds. It may also be illegal in some countries and states to have them as pets. One last thing I should mention, once you hand raise a crow, they can never be released into the wild as they wont know how to survive on their own.
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vanessaskydragon Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i want one
Cassandra-Leopardess Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Believe me they make very difficult pets to keep lol.
vanessaskydragon Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i still want one
P.S.: Check this girl with his crow...
Cassandra-Leopardess Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow that's one beautiful raven that she has :D It reminds me of a big wild crow that comes to my house for food :)
The crow that she has is really cool, she plays with him, make a bath, trating him like a dog! :D
Cassandra-Leopardess Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That is very cool :D Dorian use to like paying with toys and hiding them from me. He even copied some words that I said but just very basic ones :)
I was reading a few days ago about a study that demonstrate that the crows are the smartest birds... they can learn and do some jobs like few other animals (basically: monkeys, dogs, horses and cats)
Cassandra-Leopardess Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yes crows are indeed one of the most intelligent animals :D Its very interesting to observe their behaviour but they can be just as much work as a small child due to their high intelligence and need for lots of mental stimulation. They also poop a lot =P One thing I have also noticed is that Torresian crows seem to be naturally much more timid than most other corvids making them even harder to own.
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